About Us

Love Lamb : About UsLove Lamb is a new concept that brings the goodness of pure lamb, straight from the heart of the Karoo, to your door.

In a time where most of what we eat has been modified in some way, from colour, to size, to productivity and many other enhancements, some of us still want to eat the way nature intended: meat without added hormones, antibiotics and stimulants, meat we can trust that won’t affect out health, now or in the future.

At Love Lamb, we share your sentiments.

That is why our lambs are free to graze the open veld, resulting in its distinct taste, infused with the unique flavours that can only come from animals that have pastured on the fragrant, indigenous Karoo shrubs.

Loving lamb is as important to us as it is to you. Easy to order online, beautifully packaged and delivered to you at a fair price.

This is our promise to you.

Love Lamb is an online business dedicated to sourcing the best organic lamb directly from the farmers in the Groot Karoo and bringing them to your plate.

You order, we will deliver.